Bricks is the name we decided to call ourselves and our product, simply inspired by the hopes and dreams of building a solid foundation towards a better future. We feel strongly that clean living, strength, adventure and a fundamentally balanced life is the key to our success as individuals. More importantly, it’s an ongoing promise we make to our family, friends, colleagues and community. 

We love food, and we take pride in where our food comes from. We feel good about what we feed our families, friends, and community. The Bricks recipe is one of clean Organic elements, free of antibiotics, dairy, soy, grains and gluten. We eat as clean as we can, and we want you to experience the same values in food preparation as we do.

The Bricks values were passed down from our own families — a mix of city and country living principles from Buck’s parents in New York, and Michele’s parents from a small farming community in Ireland. East meets west, city meets country - two different beginnings with the same foundation. 

Bricks gets back to basics with the desire to deliver clean, premium ingredients that provide sustained energy for the ongoing demands of fast-paced modern life. 




Bricks Bars are made with USDA Organic, Grass Fed meats, veggies, fruit & seeds. They are minimally processed and GMO free. We are what we eat. Health is everything.



We work with farmers and ranchers on an ongoing basis to ensure our animals are humanely raised, foraging on the land as nature intended. We respect animals because we respect nature.



Bricks Bars are made from the simplest ingredients. We only use ingredients when we know the source. We are passionate about leaving things better than the way we found them for the next generation.



Buck believes that a balanced life is the key to success and that center is different for everyone. The inspiration for Bricks was to create something that served his own needs, as well as the needs of anyone else seeking health and convenience, a combination that's hard to find. Given his strong social and environmental principles, he set out to build Bricks in a way that has a positive social impact with minimal environmental effect. He works to make his kids proud, and leave his corporate career behind.


For eighteen years, Michele and Buck have been together every step of the way. Michele balances a career with raising their three children. She is a dedicated CrossFitter, a hot yoga enthusiast, and an avid label-reader who believes strongly that a clean food diet is best for her family.  Her love for her family is the passion behind Bricks, and she is responsible for keeping the Bricks recipes clean, without leaving her corporate career behind.