Clean Food, Integrity and Our Life Behind Real Food Bars

We like to start with introductions.  My name is Michael Buck Williams, and I am also speaking for my wife Michele Williams.   We are the founders of Bricks Meals & Snacks.  We believe that food is the foundation for healthy living.  It’s the fuel that fires us, it’s the pleasure we get when we do it right, it's time spent around the dinner table with our friends, family and community.  

To us food also means change on many levels of our understanding.

Here is how it started for us.  

At the time, we were making what we believed to be healthy food choices.  We were proudly buying and eating the low fat, low calorie version of products we believed were good for you.

Shortly after our children were born, we needed to know everything about the food we were feeding them and ourselves.   We were deeply interested and the more we learned, the more concerned we got.   We had to make changes.  The great thing was the conversation was already happening and it was loud.  Solutions, advice, and facts from places like Michael Pollan books, social media real food bloggers like 100 Days of Real Food, and coaches at the Crossfit Michele belonged to. We also found many local alternatives to get our food, such as farmers markets and CSAs.  We jumped right into the conversation, first just to listen, and it led us to change.  

We have to mention that we do live next to a pizza place and really, really like beer.   Beer is one of the reasons we met and had fallen in love!  We call this balance, and it feels good!

So what’s the problem?

Who has time for this?!   We made the time at home to do it right, but we were constantly on the go. Our lives required us to live on the road.  

An airport is the black hole for health and wellness.  Our go to was a handful of nuts, a banana, a bag jerky that we knew was not made well or with any integrity at all, and an assortment of different nutrition bars with flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough.  

So we got an idea, take pride in our work and offer a real food option when we are on the go, with values.  Our first product is called Bricks Bars.  Bricks Bars are made with dried grass fed meats, veggies, fruit, and seeds.  Real food kept simple.

We feel strongly that clean living, strength, adventure and a fundamentally balanced life is the key to our success as individuals.  More importantly, it’s an ongoing promise we make to our family, friends, colleagues and community. 

We are the folks behind Bricks.  This is our story, life behind real food bars. 

Live Clean,

Michael & Michele Williams